Grace and Dahlia navigate their relationship with each other and with their own superpowers, while they welcome a new roommate and become accidentally entangled in their landlord’s gangster past. An action-comedy about growth, baggage, and gangsters.

An LGBTQ+ story

Except it’s really not about that at all.


Optimistic, fun-loving, and as a public defender, a crusader for justice under the Constitution. She loves Dahlia completely, but doesn’t feel understood, and quietly chafes at the secret she feels she must keep from her girlfriend in order to avoid emotional conflict.


Practical, thoughtful, but sometimes can be a little obtuse. Even though she’s got a super-normal ability to know what’s going on in the minds of others, for some reason she can’t quite figure out what’s going on with Grace, even though they “never fight”.


Empathetic, caring, but a little hapless and can get himself into trouble and become desperate like anyone else. Jack enters the lives of Grace and Dahlia in a most unlikely fashion. Now he’s here to stay and figure out his own superpower with a little help from Grace and Dahlia.

Chad & Doug

Chad the landlord and his best friend and right-hand-man Doug are trying their best to do the right thing. Chad loves to meditate, and Doug loves to work out to loud music. But Chad’s gangster past comes looking for him.

Aurelia & Randall

Aurelia is the boss of an international empire of nightclubs and Chad’s ex-wife from his former life in crime. Randall is her new husband, trying to find his way in a relationship with his powerful, narcissistic wife and her teenage son.

Sasha & Craig

Sasha is an obsessive, upstart, techno-martial-arts wizard, working to make a name for herself in Aurelia’s organization. Craig is the grouchy old hand, tired of it all and more than ready to retire to his couch and a cold beer.

“Superpowers aren’t actually a thing. You’re gonna have to let that go.”


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